The energy sector continues to undergo substantial changes. The ongoing transformation of the power generation system with an emphasis on decentralized renewable energy sources (RES), low-carbon generation and the diffusion of smart grid technologies brings about new challenges. The rapid expansion of RES requires a structural rearrangement of the power system in order to maintain the current level of supply security in future.

The power grid plays a key role in this context. While today’s power grid infrastructure has been designed for centralized and controllable power production in conventional power plants, the RES expansion leads to an increasingly uncertain, volatile and decentralized power generation. Therefore, methods are needed which ensure a dependable operation of existing power grids in the light of these developments. Moreover, methods are needed to support power grid expansion planning and to design robust future power grids, both on a regional scale supporting microgrid design and on a global scale supporting national and continental transmission grid planning.

It is a central challenge to provide efficient optimization methods, including an accurate consideration of non-linear and non-convex AC power flow constraints. Knowledge and methods from different disciplines, such as mathematics, economics and electrical engineering, must be brought together to support power systems planning, ensuring an affordable, secure and environmentally friendly power supply. ISESO 2015 therefore seeks to foster interdisciplinary discussions and especially welcomes submissions with an integrative perspective. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Mathematical modelling of power grids on all voltage levels
  • New strategies for power grid operation
  • Combined generation and transmission expansion planning
  • Power grid planning including new components (e.g., FACTS, smart transformer stations)
  • Efficient algorithms for OPF analyses
  • Mixed integer non-linear programming (MINLP) for power grid operation and expansion
  • Impact of demand response on power grid utilization and expansion requirements
  • Power grid optimization under uncertainty
  • Case studies on power grid operation and expansion